Knife gate valves


Knife gate valves are used to shut-off and/or to control the flow of gases (e.g. exhaust gas, air) and powder media in ducts with a circular and rectangular cross-section.

Shut-off damper valves may be driven by pneumatic linear actuators, electric multi-turn actuators, manual (handle, gearbox with handwheel, gearbox with chainwheel).

Knife gate valves

We are leaders in producing this type of knife gate damper valves. Our shut-off dampers are used in many plants, as they are appreciated for their reliability, durability and high operational parameters guaranteed for a very long time. Louvre dampers of our competitors are not as durable and reliable, so a better solution is to invest in proven quality, trusted by many satisfied customers. They appreciate the workmanship of product series and individual knife gate valve prepared for specific applications. You can rely on our experience in choosing proper materials (steel grades) for shut-off dampers, which translates into high technical parameters of final products, which are extremely important in crucial industry brands.

Gas leakage integrity really matters in specific applications. How to integrate them? It is simple – use shut-off dampers from our company.

The role of shut-off dampers is to provide complete safety by its design for keeping leakage to a minimum. Shut-off dampers are available in several configurations: electris drive, pneumatic drive and manual as well. Same as our other product, shut-off dampers are very adaptable mechanisms designed for use in difficult and safe areas. Design is highly prepared to be personalized with simple control layouts and approved accumulations.

If there is a situation when customers meet power failure or experience damage of abbreviated air, shut-off dampers provide minimum leakage through duct. Automatic closing is responsible for safety.

Shut-off dampers which are automatic are typically conducted by pneumatic activators responsible for fail safety – in that case placing od a damper is fully closed or in opposite – open. What is more, they can be easily operated manually. The most important advantages are: no maintenance needed, contained weight and great mechanical support.

Moreover, we guarantee fast delivery time, regardless of the size of the order. The size of the order is irrelevant - you may purchase one knife gate valve or order a few large-size shut-off dampers - we will process your order with the same focus on high quality and fast delivery, proving our advantages, confirmed by many customers. This approach is the source of our success and popularity among design and engineering companies. Trust us to receive top-class quality and best performance of your systems.