Compensator rectangular

Compensators are flexible components installed for connecting pipelines and flue gas dampers. They are used to maintain appropriate compensation of displacements in conduits and are intended for operation in cold and hot air installations as well as loose material transfer installations in conduit systems. They serve both the compensation of mechanical misalignment and noise and vibration reduction.

Compensator rectangular

DSM also offers high quality fabric compensators.

The soft material is mounted on a steel frame or – in the case of low load – with the use of straps connected to the pipeline.

We tailor our compensators to the requirements of a given installation. Depending on their application, fabric compensators are produced in one-layer or two-layer variants. The multi-layered structure enables combining various functions, such as insulation, tightness and pressure surge management. Soft material compensators are characterised by low weight and low reaction forces. Such compensators are suitable for large dimensions with low operating pressure and gaseous media (air, flue gas).

The choice of material depends primarily on the tightness requirement and on the resistance to the medium, temperature and mechanical strength. Thanks to that our products are developed based on innovative ideas.

Our products are suitable for installation in:

  • Power plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Brickworks
  • Cement works
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Coke industry

As a part of our cooperation with you we offer:

  • Measurement of conduits in the facility
  • Customised designs
  • Development of soft parts of the connecting element
  • Development of steel parts of the connecting element
  • Assembly
  • Supervision
  • Technical service

DSM offers a wide range of all types of dampers, these including shut-off and regulating dampers as well as flow control dampers. Our products are used in power plants, combined heat and power plants, incineration plants and industrial plants where their presence and reliable operation are of high importance. Therefore, during each stage of the design, manufacture and commissioning of the installation we take every effort to ensure the best quality and the most effective operation of our shut-off dampers even in the most difficult conditions. 

Our offer includes sets of dampers (diverters), flue gas dampers, shut-off dampers, round single dampers, round double dampers, rectangular single dampers, air gate dampers, louvre dampers for air and flue gas ducts, rectangular double dampers, louvre dampers with sealing air as well as poppet type round single dampers and special design diverters. Multiple product variants offered by DSM allows you to select those best tailored to your specific applications and installations, regardless of the conditions, and the top quality of our products ensures their reliable operation for a long time. Kindly check our offer for more details about our louvre and shut-off dampers.