Who we are?

DSM is an engineering company that designs and delivers products for environmental protection related projects aimed at improving air quality. They are intended for power plants, combined heat and power plants, shipyards and all kinds of other industries.

Many years of experience, high qualifications and the professionalism of our employees, combined with the use of leading-edge design technologies and work methods, are our greatest strengths that give us a strong position in the market. We make every effort to ensure that the customers who have put their trust in us are provided with top quality products made of the materials that satisfy their technical specifications and meet the highest standards. Thanks to this approach our devices can perform their intended function, and their long lifetime always makes your investment highly cost-effective.

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DSM offers a wide range of all types of shut-off dampers, dampers with sealing air and damper valves for flow control.

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Round single damper

What we do?

DSM specialises in the design and delivery of flue gas dampers for power plants, combined heat and power plants, shipyards, waste incineration plants and a broad range of industrial purposes. When designing our products we take into consideration the specific needs of our customers and we consult the details of the design with our subcontractors. We provide full order implementation, from preparation of the concept to delivery of the final products, using the cutting-edge 3D technologies in the design process.

We participate in the project during each stage, providing consultancy services with respect to applied solutions, selected materials, type of equipment used and its control mechanisms. We focus on using the latest technologies available in the market, taking into account the financial benefits for the customer.

We also offer supervision over the assembly and commissioning of an installation depending on customer’s needs irrespective of where the delivery is located.

About the company

Shut-off dampers and hot flue gas and air regulating dampers

DSM is a company that specialises in the designing of shut-off dampers, air flow dampers and regulating dampers. A highly qualified and experienced team of engineers use the leading-edge tools and technologies that enable us to implement even the most demanding orders from our customers. We design our shut-off dampers, air flow dampers and diverters based on strictly defined requirements, using high quality components that ensure their high durability and long operational life for our customers. Our designs have already been recognised by customers from the power sector as well as heavy and marine industries.

“We approach all customers individually as our goal is to satisfy all their expectations and meet the needs arising from the specific nature of their sector. That’s why cooperation with our company is always satisfying for our customers.”
Management Board of DSM

Our Projects

We design shut-off and regulating dampers taking into consideration the location and the specific characteristics of a given industry. During our many years of presence in the market, we have completed a number of highly demanding projects, always ensuring the highest degree of professional care, using the latest technologies and complying with applicable legal requirements.

We treat each our customer individually, aiming to satisfy all their expectations and meet the technological needs of the specific industry in which they operate. Therefore, cooperation with our company is always satisfying for our customers.

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Our projects are used in many industries

Our air flow dampers, hot and cold air regulating dampers or shut-off dampers have been used in utility power plants, combined heat and power plants, on ships, in industrial plants and smelter plants.

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