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For glassworks

When melting the product, glassworks employ many processes involving very high temperatures.

It leads to the generation or nitric oxides or carbon dioxides and DSM-designed dampers block their release directly into the atmosphere, evacuating the gases to specialist installations in which they are treated.

Designs for glassworks

During the glass production, glassworks employ a whole range of various processes, using many raw materials and production technologies. The most important stage is the glass melting and various types of furnaces are used to heat the batch feed. It involves very high temperatures and considerable energy consumption. This is why the glass production process in glassworks leads to chemical reactions in which sulphur oxides, nitric oxides and carbon dioxides are released. Improper protection measures will result in emissions of those harmful substances into the atmosphere. 

Environmental protection standards and requirements categorically forbid such actions and, therefore, glassworks need products to help them reduce the flue gas emissions to the minimum. At DSM, we design dampers that make up part of the flue gas treatment installations for glassworks.                                            

Flue gas treatment installations for glassworks

The batch feed that is heated to very high temperatures, generates a considerable energy consumption, adversely impacting the natural environment. The process is accompanied by emissions of flue gas, nitrogen or sulphur as well as other pollutants and heavy metals into the atmosphere. Glassworks implement in their plants specialist installations to reduce this process to the minimum. It is a requirement for them to use flue gas treatment and NOx reduction systems. DSM designs and supervises the assembly of shut-off dampers. We adjust the dampers to specific industry sectors and specific locations. We design dampers taking into account the specific characteristics of the given industry sector. Products for glassworks, such as dampers and valves, are manufactured following the recommendations and needs of the clients and their most important aspects are always consulted with them. 

Damper designs for glassworks

We have extensive experience in the sector and we are conversant with the needs of such enterprises as glassworks. We know how important it is to implement solutions that meet the environmental protection requirements. For products for glassworks to meet the standards, they must, first of all, be resistant to high temperatures they will be exposed to. Therefore, the shut-off dampers must be designed taking into consideration those conditions and manufactured using the highest quality components. The flue gas treatment installations in many locations in Poland and worldwide are equipped with the shut-off and regulating dampers designed by DSM. We know what products for glassworks are necessary and what implementations must be made for the dampers to perform their function in one hundred per cent. We are present during the commissioning of the installation and we supervise the tightness and correct operation of our dampers. 

In the glass industry, there are very high temperatures, therefore the products for glassworks must be made from components of appropriate quality that will not be destroyed during the batch melting. DSM takes this process into account when designing the dampers.

DSM’s team of engineers develops best solutions for glassworks and delivers them robust shut-off and regulating dampers for the flue gas treatment installations. We also supervise the process of implementation at the target location.