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For power plants

Shut-off and flue gas and air regulating dampers are used in the energy sector.

DSM designs products for power plants - taking into account the special characteristics of this industry sector, the location of the installation as well as its specific needs. We are also present during the damper installation and commissioning.

Designs for power plants

The rapid technological advancement is impacting all branches of the economy, contributing to their dynamic growth. The power sector also requires new and better solutions in order to meet the requirements regarding emissions. Electric energy generation and transmission is an important element of economy and no interferences are allowed there. Considering the fast pace and the dynamics of the development, the safety-orientation and the implementation of all and any mechanisms to ensure it are of paramount importance. 

This is why at DSM we pay so much attention to the products we design for power plants: shut-off and flue gas and air regulating dampers used in the flue gas desulphurisation, NOx reduction and dust removal installations that are so important in the energy sector.

FGD dampers for power plants

DSM provides comprehensive designs of customised dampers which allow for the specific industry characteristics and the device location. We are aware of the importance of safety, therefore dampers that we design for flue-gas desulphurisation systems (FGD) meet all the standards and requirements concerning the repositioning times. 

The FGD system is vital for the removal of sulphur oxides released during the combustion process. For this reason, it must meet the safety and environmental protection requirements. One of key elements of this system is a flue gas damper and such dampers and similar products are designed for power plants by DSM. Not only do we develop the designs for power plants, but we are also present at the commissioning of the installation. We take full responsibility for the tightness of products designed by us for power stations, these including flue gas dampers with sealing air systems that are an essential element of the FGD installations.

DSM – devices for power plants 

The tightness of FGD dampers is vital for the personnel safety. Equipment and devices for power plants as well as all the components making up the installations must meet stringent requirements. DSM designs products for power plants taking into consideration those factors and adjusting them to the operating conditions on site. We offer supervision over the assembly and commissioning of the installation as well as guarantee and post-guarantee services.

The flue gas desulphurisation (FGD), NOx reduction or dust removal installations so vital in the energy industry must be provided with correctly designed flue gas dampers to ensure the safety of the whole installation.

Dampers are one of the elements of the flue gas treatment installation. Each time they involve extensive coordination efforts related to the diversity of the places where the device is to be located, the size and type of the installation and the type of modernisation necessary (new installation or revamping of an existing installation).