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For combined heat and power plants

Shut-off and hot and cold air regulating dampers contribute to the flue gas emission reduction. DSM designs the flue gas dampers or valves taking into account the specific characteristics of the industry and the plant where they are to be used.

Designs for combined heat and power plants

In each combined heat and power plant there is a set of devices that generate electric energy - using a number of energy transformations where heat plays a crucial role.

The very process, during which both electric and thermal energies are generated, may take place separately, i.e. the electricity is generated separately in a power plant and the heat in a heat plant. This may be also achieved in a single system in a combined heat and power plant. It should be noted that this industry sector uses various types of fuel and, that is why it is so important to select such products for the given CHP plant that will ensure not only its safety but primarily the environmental protection. Among such elements there are shut-off and air flow dampers designed by DSM.

DSM designs flue gas dampers and our specialists are present during the commissioning of the entire installation. We are aware of the importance of each component in the efficient operation of the NOx reduction system and the general safety.