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For steelworks

DSM-designed shut-off and regulating dampers for steel works contribute to the reduction of flue gas and hazardous dust emissions.

Our designs are adjusted to the specific character of the industry sector and the structure of the specific flue gas treatment installation.

Designs for steelworks

Steel production entails a lot of risks to the natural environment since its by-products include such harmful and hazardous substances as process dusts and gases, inflammable gases, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide. Failure to follow the environmental protection requirements may lead to a release of harmful gases. Therefore, it is so necessary to implement flue gas treatment systems for which DSM designs dampers. 

Flue gas treatment installations for steelworks

Among all types of emissions, inflammable gases, process gases, dusts and nitric oxides are particularly hazardous substances. There are environmental protection regulations and guidelines that govern their management in steelworks. Installations for steelworks aim to control the emissions of those pollutants. 

All reckless air pollution by enterprises will have legal consequences. Business owners should realize how important environmental protection really is and implement measures to prevent harmful flue gas, exhaust gas and dust releases into the atmosphere.

The flue gas treatment installations must be present in all steelworks since they ensure the preliminary treatment of the exhaust gas in a static dust collector, its cooling and treatment in washers and, consequently, in a cyclone separator. In between those stages, there are shut-off, regulating and regulating dampers the presence and efficient operation of which is of vital importance. Their design is the task of DSM engineers. 

Designs for steelworks 

DSM-designed and implemented shut-off and regulating dampers are an indispensable element of industrial installations installed in steelworks and steel mills. They are one of elements that prevent the release of harmful dusts and gases into the atmosphere.

Our experiences team of engineers designs dampers and damper valves for steelworks all over the world and, consequently, is highly conversant with the specific character of this industry sector, the leading edge technologies and environmental protection considerations. DSM knows what components to use and how to design the dampers to ensure that they are fully functional and reliable. In our work, we focus on providing the clients the best solutions that will cooperate with the exhaust and flue gas treatment installation, preventing the releases of dusts and gases. We provide technical consulting to our clients during each stage of the damper design and our designs are made so that they be best suited to the given industry sector and its specific character. 

The environment-friendly actions should be important to each enterprise - not only because of legal requirements. Products for steelworks, such as DSM-designed shut-off dampers, contribute to the reduction of harmful impact on the environment to the minimum.

At DSM, we are specialists when it comes to designing as well as the supervision of assembly and commissioning of flue gas treatment installations in which our regulating and flow control dampers are placed.