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For shipyards

The maritime industry must implement the cutting-edge scrubber-based technologies to reduce the flue gas emissions. Such products designed by DSM for the shipyards as shut-off dampers and diverters must meet the highest standards, obtain approvals from Qualification Authorities and fulfil various industry-specific and ship building requirements.

Designs for shipyards

Pollutant emissions from ships and maritime transport contribute to water and air contamination. It is, therefore, an important objective to implement measures that will mitigate the unfavourable impact of maritime industry on the natural environment. The most detrimental to the terrestrial and aquatic environments are the emissions of sulphur oxides, nitric oxides and carbon dioxides. They are by-products of the burning of fuels used to power combustion engines. Restrictions imposed to improve the environment quality require the ship-owners to undertake measures to either reduce the exhaust gas emissions considerably or bring them down to an absolute minimum. By designing dampers and scrubber diverters, DSM contributes to diminishing the unfavourable impact those pollutants have on the natural environment. 

Diverters and tight dampers for the maritime industry

There are products for ships which are designed and implemented to help reduce the air and water pollution. Diverters and tight dampers for scrubbers are installed on ships and DSM has its significant contribution there - currently there are over 550 ships of various types where DMS’s solutions aimed to reduce emissions are used.

Diverters are sets of two shut-off dampers with one actuator in a single casing. Such dampers are designed by DSM to control the flow of gases and exhaust gases to pipelines. The ship-installed diverters may be bistable or may direct the flow via one or the other channel. Since they are products for shipyards, special sealing is used. The diverters themselves are produced using the latest manufacturing technologies.

DMS designed diverters

The maritime industry is very specific and, therefore, requires specialist solutions. The shipyard products designed by DSM, especially the shut-off dampers and diverters, must meet specific regulations of Classification Authorities (e.g. DNV-GL, LR, etc.), so that their application on ships fulfilled the highest standards.

Ship-installed diverters are offered for both the new vessels and those already launched. When designing the devices and equipment for the pollutant emission reduction systems, DSM must allow for the specific character of the industry sector and the particularly harsh diverter operating conditions.

When designing dampers and diverters, DSM engineers pay special attention to ensure their external tightness. Therefore, when working on a project, we carry out a meticulous analysis of the ambient and the exact location of dampers, putting a strong emphasis on the connection sealing and securing.