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For waste incineration plants

DSM designs shut-off and flow control dampers used in the flue gas treatment installations of waste incineration plants. We also provide technical supervision over their assembly and commissioning.

Designs for waste incineration plants

Waste separation and treatment are important issues in the modern world. Population growth and intensive consumption generate considerable quantities of waste that must be processed and reduced. It is a key aspect of activities aimed at environmental protection and hazardous waste minimization. 

Segregation and recycling are among the ways to deal with the global environmental crisis and aimed at definite reduction of the municipal waste. One of the crucial elements in this process is thermal recycling of the waste and this is done by waste incineration plants. To protect the natural environment (especially from the flue gas emissions released during the waste disposal process), the plants need flue gas treatment installations for which DMS designs and delivers various shut-off and regulating dampers. 

Flue gas treatment installation for waste incineration plants

A waste incineration plant processes municipal, industrial and hazardous waste as well as waste from sewage sludge. The purpose of thermal processing of such waste is to neutralise them and reduce their volumes. Before reaching the incineration plant, the waste is segregated and prepared for the recycling process.

The waste goes into the incineration chambers which must be equipped with flue gas evacuation systems and air supply systems. The most important element is the flue gas treatment installation. During the waste incineration, various pollutants are generated and they must not be released into the ambient air. Flue gas treatment installations for waste incineration plants prevent this from happening as it is detrimental to the natural environment. An important role in those installations is played by flue gas treatment and evacuation systems an important part of which are the devices designed and delivered by DSM. 

DSM’s products for waste incineration plants

We design, manufacture, supervise the installation of and provide technical consulting with regard to the flue gas or air flow dampers. Our company comprises a team of experienced engineers who design shut-off and regulating dampers for clients from all over the world. Our designers have considerable expertise obtained in result of cooperation with numerous companies providing their installation solutions to waste incineration plants.

Thermal processing as part of waste incineration is a process subject to most stringent emission reduction regulations. Dampers designed by DSM are those parts of the flue gas treatment installation which allow it to reduce the emissions of hazardous air pollutants to the minimum.

DSM designs devices and equipment for waste incineration plants all over the world. We are experts when it comes to selecting and providing dampers for the boiler’s auxiliary installations and for the flue gas treatment systems. Owing to our engineering skills and extensive expertise, we create our designs using the leading-edge technology well suited to the industry sector.