Rectangular single damper

Rectangular single flap damper

Rectangular single louvre dampers are used to shut-off and/or to control the flow of gases (e.g. exhaust gas, air) in ducts with a rectangular cross-section. Depending on the size of the louvre damper, a multi-flap design is possible.

Rectangular single damper

Depending on the customer requirements, many types of seals may be used to achieve higher tightness of damper flaps.

The louvre dampers may be driven by any type of actuators designed for valve drives.

Many available variants of such products, make our offer extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of conditions, environments and systems. If you have a problem with selecting the best variant of the product, e.g. when you cannot decide between single and tandem louvre dampers or multi-flap solution consisting of rectangular flaps, you can always count on professional assistance and advice of our experienced and highly qualified engineers.

Our products offer very high quality, as they are designed and produced with a great precision, which translates into excellent workmanship, reliability, long life and technical parameters, that ensure trouble-free operation. You may be sure that by selecting of products you choose high quality at reasonable prices - consider it as an investment for a long time.

Our dedicated line of louvre dampers brings decent flow and modulation. Design of all products is substantial. What is more, it has tandem blade profile which is inwardly reinforced. Because of specific design of our louvre dampers it is possible to quickly resopond and operate cycles. Each mechanism is able to provide correct and reproductive flow control for all needed applications.

Moreover, when it comes to louvre dampers specification they perfectly handle quick operations of single or dual lines in between rectangular blades which are seated within a definite frame for placing and rectangular conduction as well. Louvre dampers are made for bypass, isolation, flow modulation and back flow prevention apps delivery. Pneumatic, electric or manual actuation system is possible to provide. Elements can be easily equipped with external or internal fiber isolation. What is more, it is possible to supply internal concrete insulation. When it comes to design, an enormous amount of metals’ variety is used in projects and fabrication as well: from simple carbon steel, stainless steel to low-alloy and high-alloy materials.

In addition to excellent products and affordable prices, our customers are offered with very short delivery time. Although the number of customers is high, we make every effort to ensure optimal conditions for executing all orders, taking into account time as one of the crucial factors. Therefore cooperation with us is satisfying, which is confirmed by its continuing popularity.


DSM offers a wide range of all types of dampers, these including shut-off and regulating dampers as well as flow control dampers. Our products are used in power plants, combined heat and power plants, incineration plants and industrial plants where their presence and reliable operation are of high importance. Therefore, during each stage of the design, manufacture and commissioning of the installation we take every effort to ensure the best quality and the most effective operation of our shut-off dampers even in the most difficult conditions. 

Our offer includes sets of dampers (diverters), flue gas dampers, shut-off dampers, round single dampers, round double dampers, rectangular single dampers, air gate dampers, louvre dampers for air and flue gas ducts, rectangular double dampers, louvre dampers with sealing air as well as poppet type round single dampers and special design diverters. Multiple product variants offered by DSM allows you to select those best tailored to your specific applications and installations, regardless of the conditions, and the top quality of our products ensures their reliable operation for a long time. Kindly check our offer for more details about our louvre and shut-off dampers.